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What We Do

We make disciples.

A disciple is someone who is continually listening to Jesus, and striving to respond with obedience to what they hear.

When Jesus commissioned His disciples in Matthew Chapter 28, He didn't tell them to go start churches. He didn't call them to gather big crowds. He didn't ask them to preach great sermons. He said,


At Finding Life Church, we take this call incredibly seriously. We love to gather, we see our Sunday morning gatherings as an incredibly powerful and important tool, and we strive for excellence in that area, but we realize that the gathered church is only as good as it's ability to live into the Great Commision.

So, we do three things, all for the purpose of living out the great commission.


Corporate Worship

Missional Community

Life on Life Discipleship


Each of these investments, play a differerent and vital role in the process of building a disciple making culture at Finding Life Church. Each is crucial to the life of a person who is on a discipleship journey.

Corporate worship, or our gathered Sunday morning services, create a heaven-like space where the people of God can come together and celebrate Him together. It is front door for many who are far from God, and an opprotuntity for others to get a taste of what faith community can be. We will never stop gathering, and as long as we are, we are going to do it with excellence.

Missional Community, is where the nitty gritty of life happens, and exists to teach our hearts that faith is best lived in the context of community. These smaller groups of 15-30 people, include adults, kids, singles and teens. It is in this context that we form spiritual community that can spur us on to, "Love and good deeds."

Life on Life Discipleship, is where the most significant steps of the disciple's journey take place. It is in the context of 1 on 1, trusted relationship where movement toward the heart of Jesus, aligning our steps with His, and becoming mature disciples, who make disciples, takes place. This is not a program, this is the culture we are striving to create. A cutlture in which discipleship permiates every aspect of what we do. Where everyone connected to the Finding Life community is experiencing the power of a "Hand forward, and hand backward," disciplemaking relationship.