Elder Team

photo-elders-240x180We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of leading God's church as elders. It's not our church, therefore we have no interest in lording power or casting a shadow. In fact, we want to be the exact opposite of that. We are simply a group of men, in love with this mission, and in love with people. We are excited about the opportunity to subject ourselves to one another in love and unity as a body of leaders. Our prayer is that God would be conforming each of us, moment by moment, to the image of Christ, so that we can be set free to lead with passion, conviction and humility.

Feel free to contact any of these men for any reason. They are here for you. 


Jake Brower

photo johnny butler 12-12

Johnny Butler 


Travis Cobb


Matt Freitag

photo david mike 12-12

David Mike

Kyle Peters

Jared Stewart