Core Values

We're embracing seven core values that form who we are and dictate how we live. 

 We believe these values will move us toward being real people, in a real relationship with a real God, connected with others in a real way, to pass on real life!

  • Surrender: We're choosing and yielding to God. When I surrender, God is seen in me.

  • Dependency:  When it comes down to what really matters, God has to do it! Prayer is the work!

  • Authenticity:  We've given up on image-keeping, believing that “real” is better than perfect.

  • Graciousness:  None of us has arrived! As we've received grace, we give it away!

  • Focus:  What matters most is people finding Jesus. We will be intentional about it. 

  • Immersion:  We're “living on purpose” in our community. People find Jesus through relationships.

  • Multiplication:  We're asking God to multiply Life-giving people, Life Groups, and Life-giving churches.