Life Groups

Life Groups, as a way of life, all of your life!

The day small group life ceases to be a nice option that gets pushed out by other things, we begin to experience its potential.  Life Group is not a “class,” nor is it a “study.”  At Life Group we practice  together for “the game of life.”  We admit that we can not do it alone, so we choose Life Group as a way of life.  While learning from the experience of others, we  discover that no one else can do it for us.  We must work it into our own hearts, so we choose to work four Life-giving Practices as a way of life. 

Through the practice of Life-giving Prayer, we're becoming walking-worshipers. Through the practice of Life-giving Truth we're being changed from the inside out. Through the practice of Life-giving Relationships we're experiencing real connection with each other and God's healing power in our lives.  Through the practice of Life-giving Impact we're keeping focused on what matters most . . . people finding Jesus.

We see spiritual life as an opportunity not a duty.  God has invited us to find life in Him.  We focus on the grace that invites us to try again, instead of self-condemnation. We seek to be honest, instead of to pretend.  We share only about our own wrongs, not the issues of others.  We pray for each other, rather than give advice.  We don't expect our humanness to be cured.  We're learning to walk with God in the midst of it!

Life Groups are the heart-beat of FLC ministry and it is what we will prioritize. You see, we believe that the life God purposed for us is meant to be lived out with people. Not just in surface conversation but in a genuine, dynamic, growing connection with each other that is built upon our intimate connection with God. 

We are excited about the impact of Life Groups on our lives, and want you to get connected to the Life-giving Lifestyle as well. Check out the options, and get connected!