Kids Life

It's crazy how long we have settled for our kids getting a watered down version of the Christian faith simply because we have decided they are not "mature" enough to handle it. All the while we wonder why they struggle to connect with a real God through their adolescent years.

photo will kids lifeThe truth is if we teach our children to believe that God, the Creator of the universe, is active in our daily lives, dynamically moving and changing hearts, and has the power to do the same in their hearts, we are talking about generation changing stuff.

photo macy kids lifeSo what is Kids Life? It is the same thing we are processing in our lives, on their level. Every Sunday morning, our kids will be learning what it means to worship God, apply His truth, pray for healing and participate in the Kingdom. We are going to teach our kids to live the Life-Giving Lifestyle right along side of us.

The results? Life change . . . heart change . . . generational change!

Join the Team!photo sadie kids life

If you love Jesus and you love kids, you just might be a perfect fit for our Kids Life ministry. Contact Anne Marie Brower or Lindsay Mike if you are interested or have questions.