What We Do

Well . . . not much . . . at least not much compared to most churches in America. You see, we have decided that it's time for church programs to stop getting in the way of The Church. When God placed us here on this earth and established His Church through us, His intention wasn't for us to build nice, huge, sacred buildings, and huddle inside as often as possible for meetings, potlucks, and other events, all the while ignoring the world that Christ died for. It is time we look outside ourselves and into a world that is aching for love, for acceptance, for the grace of God. 

We want our church programs to exist outside the building we have chosen for our weekend gathering. If the church is about people, then we want to go where people are like your son's t-ball game, your daughter's tap class, your work, school, gym and so on. 

So we don't do much, but what we do is purposeful and focused. 

Take a look . . . we want you to get connected!