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Riverview Riverview Community Church is our mother church located in Ashland, NE. Riverview was planted in 2005, and it is because of their commitment to multiplying that we are here today. We owe so much gratitude to their love, support and encouragement in the process of planting Finding Life Church.
EFCA logo Want to know more about who we are and where we come from? Then check out the Evangelical Free Church of America website. It's the denomination we are connected to . . . it's great!
Next Step NextStep Resources is an EFCA-affiliated publisher. Check out their website to order books, music and more.
XXX Church In American churches today, addiction to pornography is rampant and is there to help bring this area of sin into the light. XXXchurch provides practical tools for someone struggling with internet pornography to live a life of purity.



Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker is pastor of Austin New Church, co-founder of Restore Communities and a missional strategist and ministry coach with Missio. He is the author of "Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture" and the "Barefoot Church Primer".

Aaron Loy

Aaron Loy is the pastor at Mosaic Church in Lincoln. Aaron's blog is a place where he processes and shares what he is learning in hopes of helping others who are on a similarly crazy journey of faith and adventure.

Donald Miller

Don Miller is the author of Blue Like Jazz and Searching For God Knows What, which explores how the life of Jesus illustrates the human personality. Don is recognized for his feelings that Christian faith should be a relationship, rather than a formula.

Matt Smay

Matt Smay co-founded Missio which is a ministry committed to training, developing, and apprenticing missional/incarnational leaders for the church. He also splits his time and energy with a local movement of missional communities in Denver called Adullam.

photo addie zierman

How to Talk Evangelical

Addie Zierman is a writer who started her blog as an attempt to tell the story of her spiritual journey and, along the way, to reclaim and redefine a faith that has been oversimplified and jammed into a specific set of terms and phrases.